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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  October 1, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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we are warned what every american should know about the potential for retaliation. we are live at fox report. i am harris faulkner. from prime target taken out. anwar al-awlaki and now a new terrorist neutralized. tonight, fox report. how the capture could affect the enemy's targeting us. >> a lane crashes in a ferris wheel and trapping two children and leaking fuel. the dramastic race against time . and facing jail time and a 50,000 fine. because this man shot a grizzly he thought threatened his children in their own yard. the fall out for the dad after
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the feds learned about it. >> a warning for americans world wide. the state department issue issuing a travel alert comes following the u.s. drone attack in yemen that killed al-awlaki saying his death could spark anti-american attacks across the e. smart traveler enrollment program. go to the nearest u.s. embassy or consulate and they will know how to reach you in an emergency. the f.b.i. and department of the homeland security warning that al-awlaki supporters might launch attacks here in the united states on his behalf. officials saying his death could motivate home grown extremist . we are learning new information on that air strike in yemen. along with american born al-awlaki another american samir
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khan was killed. and a top bomb maker was killed as well his death is not confirmed but fingerprint fingerprints were lifted. he's considered the most experienced bomb maker working today. he designed explosives used in two attempted attacks in the u.s.. remember the underwear bomber, his fingerprints were found on that bomb . he designed the bombs in two printers. they were intercepted in enghand and dubai. the blow is significant because of the reach these men had on the west. all of them young and cyber savvy. secretary of state hillary clinton speaking about it in arkansas. >> today like osama bin laden
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and so many other terrorist leaders who were kill would or captured in recent yearrs, they can no longer threaten america our alleys or peace-loving people. we will along with our partners and allies, continue to ratchet up the pressure and continue pursuing a comprehensive strategic approach to counter terrorism and work to deny al-qaida and its affiliates safe haven anywhere in the world. >> the secretary referring to al-awlaki who was key to recruiting. his english language spread over the internet. another major blow to al-qaida and taliban. nato forces capturing a figure of the haqqani network. we'll have more on that in a moment. for now, nato officials calling
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that significant. it is a milestone. the operation went down in afghanistan in an eastern province in afghanistan. there were ties to al-qaida and the taliban. they got hali khan. he manages bases and coordinates attacks in pakistan and inside of afghanistan including the 22 hour long firefighter in kabul that killed 12 people two weeks ago. and afghan president karzai said taliban negotiations are not possible when the insurgent group sends in messengers that kill. karzai is asking pakistan's leadership to take the reigns on this. >> suggesting that he would have a better chance of talking peace
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with pakistan than with taliban. he said i can't find mula momar. and the taliban council. who should we speak to? to pakistan. karzai gave up on peace negotiations with the taliban after a suicide bomber who said he was a taliban peace emissary killed a. >> and the capture of the leader of haqqani is significant. >> yes, nato and afghan forces captured him near pakistan he was a key figure. here's more. >> this is a official. he was in operations to the leader of haqqani.
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he was supposed to be the leader of the haqqani network in afghanistan and responsible for a number of operations . mali khan was heavily armed but gave no resistance. also arrested was his bodyguard. >> and another missile strike on another terror commander. >> a pakistan militant was among three people killed in a missile strike. the u.s. took them out. he was part of a group that worked to coordinate attacks against u.s. and nato forces and they got him, harris. >> it has been a productive last few days after the u.s. military. thank you very much.
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fox news is american's election headquarterment rick perry is campaigning in new hampshire. he spoke to a group of supporters and promoting his experience on tackling illegal immigration. one business owner challenges the policy that allows immigrants to get in state tuition rates and he said it doesn't make sense to him. and the governor not backing down. there is no one standing on the stage that is stronger on dealing with iligration inment texas. >> some of the other candidates attending the national federation of republican in
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kansas today . topic of chris christie coming up there, is he running or not. and this is what the candidates in kc answered back. >> if chris christie decides to run, it will have the same affect as when rick perry got in. they will be in awe of chris christie in two weekings. >> he is a good governor. he wants to play. running for president is more complicated than being governor. >> i think he understands he has a big job and plenty of opportunities and races down the road to get involved in. >> they are answering that because it was put to them in kansas city. repeatedly, governor christie said he is not running. >> tonight on huckabee, you will hear from former massachusetts mitt romney, that's tonight on huckabee right after the fox
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report. president obama talked about the plan on raising taxes the buffet rule. saying that the rich should pay higher taxes than the rest of us. the oracle of omaha said that is not what he meant. >> not someone making five million or 10 billion or media every. only to the 50,000 out of the 309 million who have huge incomes paying low tax. >> the white house not saying how many americans would fall under the buffet rule. >> the u.s. president honored in his home state where they rolled out the red carpet. we'll tell you why. and it is the number one issue in the nation right now. talking about putting millions of people back it work. what is the delayy on the job's act? we go to washington to find out.
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>> calling on congress to get its act together. president obama using the weekly address to urge democrats and republicans to pass his 447 job's bill to get people back to work. here's peter doocy in washington. >>reporter: president obama said it is three weeks jobs bill to congress. he wants to know why they are dragging the feet. >> some republicans say they agree. and it is time for me to know what those proposals are. i want like to know what they are against?
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against putting teachers and firefighters and police officers back on the jobb or hiring construction workers to redo our roads. and are they against giving tax cut to worker in america? >> registered voters are split about the job's plan. 38 percent think it will create jobs. and 399 percent say it will make no difference and 18 percent think it will cost jobs and on top of that 39 percent think that the president's tax and job's plan think it is bad and 48% think it is good. and 6 percent mixed. and republicans feel that cutting excessive regulations would be a good idea. >> president obama, who said he's willing to top excessive regulation should follow the house in passing the jobs bill.
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take the opportunity to widen common ground and get government out of the way so our economy can return to creating jobs. >> while the arguing continues in washington, the feeling about jobs is bleakk. fren percent think that a year from now, unemployment will be higher than today. threnn percent think it will be lower, harris. >> wow, that is alarming. peter, thank you. >> president clinton calling a bridge a model for government. secretary of state hillary clinton and daughtery there for the main event. it comes 20 years after he launched his campaign for president. >> there are scores of you who can give examples of what you do for me which i might never have become governor or governor, the
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second time and certainly not president. >> the clintons plan to stay in little rock for a weekend longg celebration marking the first presidential bid. >> dangerous weather. halting the repair work in the national monument. rain preventing the engineering from propoling down the side. they are documenting the the danger. the engineer was not hurt and said he enjoyed the rise. that's the spirut. >> concerns about the deadlyiest foot outbreak and the next food contaminated with listeria. and it is your own back yard, a bear walks on yourr property and threatens the ones you love. can you shoot it legally? we'll find out. it is a growing controversy where a man took out a grizzly.
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>> 80,000 pounds of beef. recalling the meat because it mightt contain e-coli. it can cause dehydration and kidney failure there. is a high number of test results. the meat was produced september 23rd and shipped to retailer in california and arizona and nebraska. america's deadliest food born outbreak is spreading to
4:21 pm
something else you eat. the listeria strains may now be in lettuce. a california grower recalling 2500 cartons of chopped and sledded romaine. true leaf farms recalled the product. the company officials trying to reassure consumer. >> we are testing product and audited all of the time and testing in our plant and we are sanitizing every day. >> we hate to hear about potential born illness. the system is to detect any contamination. >> listeria can cause fever and muscle aches and gastrointestinal products. and amtrak train colliding with a tractor trailer in
4:22 pm
northern california happening in discovery bay. more than 200 people were on the trainn. no reports of anything life threatening. the truckk driver not hurt and they are lookking for what caused the collision. a major battle over a bear. a grizzly cub who shot a bear when they wondered over to to his family. >> dan springer is live in the west coast bureau and this was his own back yard. >> his property, get harris, at one time geremy hill was facing the possibility of a $50,000 and a year in prison for shooting a bear that was threatening his family. considered a cub at three years old, it was 300 pounds. and it was just 40 yards away
4:23 pm
from the hill home when it was shot. he knew he called an endangered animal. and the feds shocked everyone in idaho when they charged hill with violating the endangered species act. if your family is in danger much being mauled or injured or killed by a grizzly bear or any other animal for that matter, it is common sense to protect your family from the attack. >> bear attacks are up in the u.s.. and several have been fatal. while the grizzly population is growing in yellow stone, it is trugling in the pacific northwest. there are only cent in the range most in canada and that's why they supported the charges against geremy hill. they wanted to find out if he was acting in self defense or not. >> we don't want people thinking
4:24 pm
it is okay to shoot a bear if it steps on your property. we need a higher bar. >> people say they have lived with bears forever and support the recovery efforts but worried about government overreach. as for seremy hill, public prese department of justice dropped the charge and he will have to pay $1,000 fine and $20,000 in legal bears. >> you can't shoot a bear that looks side way at your pork chops. thank you very much. >> a terrifying day of events in a fair. a plane crashing in a ferris wheel and trapping the children on the ride. an amazing rescue and what the pilot said after the crash. >> sevendays of hunting and a whole lot of courage went in the capture of this monster gator. the story of the big catch
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>> i am harris faulkner and this is the fox report. time for the top of the news. this just in for fox. herman cain's communication dreckor resigned teping down to
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persure other crire opportunities. elen car michael hopes her departure is not a reflection of the campaign . a warning to americans everywhere following new concerns of possible pay back attacks for the death of top terror recruiter anwar al-awlaki. the fed asking all u.s. citizens to enroll in a smart travel program. his death may inpire terrorist here as well >> nato credits forces for taking down a top haqqani official. they have been coordinating attacks against u.s. troops. >> a truce on the rise in libya in the home town for of gaddafi. they want to give civilians two
4:30 pm
day to leave the citizens. david piper streaming live from tripoli for the latest. daved what are the chances for it happening. there is heavy gunfire going on there? we understand that hundreds of cars are gearing up. and outside of the three-mile area where gaddafi forces still control. they are getting out. it is it a slow process because they need to check all of these cars to make sure there is no weapons or high value targets. there was a incident in which a family of four were killed after they came under attack. citizens are prepared to leave
4:31 pm
and there is a break. they want to get out. but are they ready to go? >> there is still many loyalist for gaddafi with insists at this time. thea they are fighting on gaddafi's side. the rebil forces have introduced a path so people can get out. many people are cowering in their basements fearing reprisals. and awn many of them are family members of the fighters such as from misurata and they have been trying to fight and help their family members. >> thank you for reporting tonight. >> convicted murderer on the run
4:32 pm
who scaped decades go and he's reportedly getting creative. an attorney saying that his client will claim a new identity and he's 68 years old and escaped from the bayside prison in 19cent. he served sevenyears of his 15-30 year sentence and part of a group that hijacked a plan in algeria and went on to live in a house and became a citizen. u.s. authorities captured him earlier this week after matching a fingerprint fingerprint taken from an id card. he should stay in portugal. a judge is expected to make a rulog this in weeks. >> a french item kidnapped from a beach house in kenya's resort
4:33 pm
island. 10 armed mill tans abuct dided the woman in the middle of the night and she's in her 60s and in a wheelchair. they tried to stop the captor. they took her to somalia. officials say earlier pirates pulled off the itack. if pirates are involved it is the second such attack in a popular tourist area. >> national day of china turns in a day of protest and a big challenge for the people in chile as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> china, hundred people marching in hong kong calling for the release of all political prisoners and end to one party rule. this coiniciding of the anniversary of the people's republic of chynna. and chile. police take on protestor in the
4:34 pm
treats of santiago. a man douced himself in gasoline. all to fight the high cost of the medical care. and the philippines. a typhoon in a week. battering the rain-soaked nation who is dealing with new misery. some still purchased on rooftops from previous flooding. rezz rez are in evacuation centers. and west bank. october fest. really. the annual beer festival celebrated on a smaller scare. they have done this in palestinian visit of the ramallah. that is a wrap on the fox trip
4:35 pm
around the world in 80 sunday're seconds. >> in australia. take a look at an ultralight plane in a ferris wheel. in a ferris wheel. they crashed in the ride. two kids were stuck in the carriage for a hour. the pilot saying he didn't see the ferris wheel. >> didn't see it before he hit it. >> i was hoping no one got hurt. two kids up there and i panicked about them. >> i turned around and there a plane right behind me and i was scare screaming. >> nothing you can do. you can try not to hit the ferris wheel. it was full of children minutes before the crash. >> they are now looking into how it happened. it is spring down under where
4:36 pm
they are. and some parts of the nation it feels like winter. freeze advisories are in affect. maria molina is live in the fox extreme weather center and it is extreme. >> it is a chilly night for many people especially in the great lakes area. they had rip current advisory in lake michigan and rough surf out there. wind is picking up the water and we are talking about water spouts over lake michigan. and we are now talking about cold temperatures impacting areas like chicago. 39 will be your low tonight and tomorrow morning . very chilly temperatures in the region. that is in the city. take into account the suburbs, you will be looking at temperatures near freezing and one freeze warning in affect in the state of the michigan and number of frost advisories stretching in state of tennessee. it is chilly air filtering down. and temperatures in the 30s or
4:37 pm
40s and you will be looking at areas that could be seeing frost on the cars as people head out early sunday morning. it is bringing more unsettled weather in the northeast and picking up heavy rain in central pennsylvania and snow in parts of the higher elevations of west virginia. we are expecting accumulations and two-four inches of snow by early monday morn high temperatures are not warm in the great lakes. 51 is the high temperature in cleveland. these temperatures are a couple of degrees what is normal for this year. harris, this fall is october 1st and they are chillier than what is normal. >> thank you, we appreciate it >> have you ever dreamed of owning yourr private island and think it requires millions of dollars. there is one available at a bargain close to new york city. there is always a catch. julie has the story. >>reporter: it is an exclusive
4:38 pm
piece of property. no neighbors or traffic or nose or sewer lines and electricity. this is rat island located half mile from city island and much of the history dates back to the 1800's and relates to prisoners as rat wiming with cart board boxes over there had thes to look like trash. >> the owner used it to store equipment and barges. it is going to be auctioned off on sunday. the highest bidder could some day call rat island home. >> you could build a home if you wanted and have your wind generator and your view and peace and quiet and tranquility. there is 60 feet of water and put yr lobster trap outside of your front door.
4:39 pm
>> city of new york assess saiderality island 1-- $264,000. and the winner inherits taxes and the bragging rights to say you own an island. >> it is ironic. it is a nice island but the only draw back to it is probably the name. yeah, i own rat island. so it wouldn't really gain that much attention that way. but it is a nice little spot and he was right. you can catch good sunrise and sunsets from it. 8-15 serious bidders expressed interest. local fisher man want a spot to call their own. the auction will be held tomorrow morning. >> and a robber goes on attack and the you may not believe who the victim is. we'll show it to you next. and thousands of protestors
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>> video that police want you to see. an 80 year old man beaten and robbed in a lobby of the apartment building. this happened thursday afternoon in the bronx. this guy who appears to be in the late teens. grabbing him and throwing him to the ground andment thief getting away with $30 and a gold crus fix and victim's medicare id. the man left with a black eye and the suspect is still out. q. so if you have information call. and crimestoppers. and a protest against bank of
4:44 pm
america ends with jail time for dozens of demonstrator in boston. thousands of people rallying and voicing the anger over the company's foreclosure practice. they tried to enter the bank. and one officer said they wanted be arrest we obliged. bank of america called the demonstration a publicity stunt. we showed you a plan that crashed in the ferris wheel. here a plane crashed in a phone call and a woman staying there credits a phone call for saving her life. she called it a near death experience. 100 feet away a plane hit the motel. and the gaping hole right where her room was. she only missed that deadly collision a minute. a call from her fiance is why she is still alive. >> i slept in and he called me
4:45 pm
to meet him in 10 minutes and i started walking. the pilot who died flying a plane he built from a kit. they saw it moments before it went down. >> and in washington a bizarre turn outside of seattle. he drives off and a police dog tracking flim toy tree. >> he was scared. and at one point he said shoot him to get him out of the tree and he would be while. >> the negotiator convinced him to come down nine hours later. he was taken in for a mental health evaluation. >> california, welcome home sailors. 1800 men and women back in san diego. and seeing their friend and family for the first time in sevenmonths. military officials say they successfully completed tactical
4:46 pm
operations in the western pacific in persian gulf. further north. a heart warming reunion. this time between a family and dog. cooper ran away when the gardener left the gate only. he ran far. he was found in florida two years later. >> we are in california, you got to be kidding me. you got to be kidding me. >> he would be rurping home on monday. >> stay tuned that is the fox watch in america. >> south florida apparently they like to hunt gators and one group hooked a monster. 721 pounds. the gator nearly got away by ducking under water. but the hunter kept up with it and cornered the baste in a caninal and used a ocean worthy fishing pole to reel it in.
4:47 pm
>> he served our country and stood by his wife in the darkest time. now astronaut mark kelly embarking on a new journey. >> and the controversy that has people fired up.
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
>> a big thank you in the state of kansas. a ceremony for former senator bob doyle taking place. he's the first person ever to be honored with the kansas walk of honor pact. >> i don't know of anybody he didn't get along with. he had a strong opinion and conviction and may say facts and
4:51 pm
point it out. but he had a unique ability to draw people together. we need that in washington today. >> and a modest man. senator dole said i don't deserve it, but i will take it. >> gun sales in the united nations a connection that you may not know about. a treaty in the un to regulate gun sales and it could affect the u.s.. that has american hunters very concerned. douglas kennedy has concern in taking our liberties serious. >> henry doesn't like a law that restricts the institution alexander right to bear arms. but the president of the gun club in massachusetts is more vemement when it is proposed by the united nations. >> the un proposal is your worst
4:52 pm
nightmare. >> it means turning over our policy with regard to fire arm to the united nations>> the united nations is considering a treaty that regulate international fire arm sales and requiring member nations like the united states to track it starting when they are made. >> some fear it would lead to a international gun registration program. and that is not okay with many hunters here in the united states. it is an end run around the second amendment. with the treaty it shift its completely and it is the u.n. who decides a gun can be sold and ammunition bought based on standards that have nothing to do with american law. >> it is regulating the export and import ofrmings. >> the criticings he said are off target. >> it is about the trade it is a
4:53 pm
treaty that is supposed to regulate the way that these goods cross national borders. >> the u.n. are trying to regulate the way ammunition is across the borders. >> the u.n. is dominated by countries that are unsempthetic to the united states. >> specifically the freedom to defend ones self. and a warning for americans world wide. what you need to know and a recap of the fox news story and a months away from what is the start of the nba system. people are out of work and owners and players meeting earlier, any progress?
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
>> astronaut mark kelly closing one chapter of his life and starting a new one. kelly formerly retiring from the navy today. he commanded his final shuttle mission months after a gunman shot giffords and 18 others in tucson. kelly announced retirement plan in june. they have a book coming out in november. game one. goes to the brewerings. milwaukee brewers and arizona diamondbacks kicking off the national league series division. and slugger hitting a two-run home. brewers beating the demand backings. and cardinals and rangers. yankees and tig oners will finish up tonight. and nba season supposed to start one month from today. right now no end in sight for
4:58 pm
the lock out. team owners and player's union second trait day of talkings. they met to talk about revenues and salary cap for players. both sides are scheduled to meet again monday. if there is no deal in the next few days, regular season games may get scratched as well. >> another look at our top stories, a travel alert from the fed and a warning going out to every single person in america. the state department calling on any u.s. citizens with plan to travel and enroll on line for safety purposes. >> this comesav a u.s. drone strike kill would al-awlaki in yemen. there is concern his death could spark home grown terrorism here and across the globe. >> and military officials haqqani. they took a hit. nato forces taking out a senior
4:59 pm
leader and capturing him alive. and on this day in 1971, walt disneyworld opened its gates in orlando flore. more than 9000 workers toil would to create the vision. the park debuted with 20 attractions and 5,000 costumed cast members. it only cost four bucks to get n mikey mouse led them to cinderella's castle. walt disney died before the park was opened. it is 40 years ago today. that's how fox reportos saturday. i am harris faulkner thanks for watching. saturday night just getting started. we'll see you in a half an hour right in the middle of huckabee which starts right now. >> tonight on huckabee. >> as president obama done anything right? >> he leads the